How do we live with corona?

By Ghassan Baliki, Tilman Brück, Neil Ferguson, Patricia Justino and Wolfgang Stojetz 

People who live through extreme events are, often deeply, altered by the experiences they have. Even when those experiences take place predominantly in the physical realm, they are also events of consciousness. They come not only with physical impacts but also with emotional ones, and consequent to that, changes in behavioural choices, and maybe even preferences. Continue reading “How do we live with corona?”

Displaced women and girls in Latin America threatened by COVID-19

By Natalia Cintra, Jean Grugel and Pia Riggirozzi 

Health emergencies exacerbate almost every form of social injustice in the global South. State biases, governance failures and inadequate and inappropriate policy responses leave legacies that can be as bad as the disease itself. In situations of crisis, public service provision and access to health and welfare services can rapidly deteriorate. Continue reading “Displaced women and girls in Latin America threatened by COVID-19”

The Battle is on: Civic Space & Land Rights

By Barbara Oosters and Saskia van Veen EADI/ISS Blog Series

My (Barbara)’s fascination and interest for the issue of civic space started in Indonesia. Local organisations struggled with the introduction of a vaguely framed law for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), warning them not to work on issues going against ‘’Indonesian’’ values. A few years later I found myself supporting initiatives in more than 15 countries spread across the globe, struggling with shifting and shrinking civic space. Continue reading “The Battle is on: Civic Space & Land Rights”