Four approaches to shifting mindsets for decolonising knowledge

By Peter Taylor and Crystal Tremblay

In the context of knowledge for development, what does it require to deconstruct the dominant narratives and personal privileges embodied in our race, class, gender, etc.? And, in a knowledge landscape littered with potential minefields, how do we go about shifting the mindsets that shape the ways in which ‘we’ understand the world and our subsequent values, behaviours, and attitudes?

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Simplifying Living Income

By Ruerd Ruben

The idea of a “living income” is increasingly considered as an important strategy to guarantee that smallholder farmers’ revenues are sufficient to meet their and their families’ basic needs, as well as to put aside some savings, thus being more likely to find their way out of poverty. There is growing acceptance of an international standard for estimating living income benchmarks and an active community of practice to support its implementation. However  measurements are cumbersome and require a lot of resources.

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